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cheap ugg noira boots Ashur 5760 Ugg Boots - Gray

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now you can buy
pirandelo suona on

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Cheap Ugg Noira Boots




03/02/2009 2.07.18    from 13th to 19th february
available for gigs in paris

from 13th to 19th february

please write us if interested to mail @ pirandelo . org


pirandelo live @ exwide, pisa

new pirand�lo show at exwide, pisa.
andrea gabriele + marita cosma + marco mazzei

exwide myspace


03/01/2009 0.54.22   
pirandelo - veloce

this is a 30 minutes long collection of unreleased tracks made on 2008 for fun.
going from silly beats to ambient electronica to pop songs.

last fm link | download here


28/02/2008 0.50.18   
new website and new releases

here the new andrea's website with new upcoming releases


05/11/2007 0.58.27   
marita on flickr

this is marita's flickr space.



16/10/2007 0.42.16    november 2007
field recordings and audio editing workshop

�have you ever walked about your area being annoyed by the loudness of traffic. or perhaps you have been on holiday and loved the sound of the local language of native wild life.�

click here for information and submissions



30/03/2007 10.46.53   
platform #4 film screening

facolt� di architettura milano bovisa politecnico
milano, march 30th (in the late morning)

"platform" is a serie of digital video shot and edited by cedrick eymenier including soundtracks by pirandelo, oren ambarchi, taylor deupree, christian fennesz, giuseppe ielasi, stephan mathieu, sebastien roux, vladislav delay and cats hats gowns & perfume.

info on


03/02/2007 23.55.14   
our links

pirandelo on my space

marita's blog

andrea gabriele on my space

symbiosis orchestra

symbiosis orchestra on my space

andrea's silly blog

claudio sinatti

a r t i f i c i a l i a

pirandelo's studio post post studio


03/02/2007 23.53.21   
video of pirandelo live at netmage05 (2)


03/02/2007 23.49.19   
video of pirandelo live at netmage05


18/11/2006 17.40.39    6-10 december 2006
peam 2k6

pescara electronic artists meeting

peam 2006 website


pirandelo dj set @ ecoteca

pirand�lo djset @ ecoteca, pescara

electronica, funk, lo-fi, electro, chill out, nicetrash

ecoteca andrea's website


pirand�lo dj set + visuals @ ecoteca

pirand�lo djset @ ecoteca, pescara

electronica, funk, lo-fi, electro, chill out, nicetrash

listen here

ecoteca | andrea's website | ecoteca file


02/06/2006    from: june 2 to: june 25, 2006
[ enter ] nature

[enter] nature

various artists exhibition

slide show and sound instalation by pirand�lo

martin bricelj / mauro ceolin / james paterson / pirand�lo / qubogas / urkuma
curated by marco antonini

galer�a galou (,
new york (usa)
from: june 2 to: june 25, 2006

opening reception: friday, june 2, 2006. from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m |


symbiosis quartet live @ fabbrica europa

claudio sinatti (video)
andrea gabriele (electronics, guitar)
scanner (electronics)
stefano tedesco (vibraphone, percussions)

symbiosis orchestra | fabbrica europa | peam


symbiosis orchestra live @ innet02

this is a new collaboration between pirand�lo members and other artists. it's a mixmedial performance born at peam 2005.

the 16th december there will be a live performance with:
claudio sinatti (video), iris garrelfs (voce computer), stefano tedesco (vibrafono, oggetti, computer), andrea gabriele (mixer, computer) @ gam in gallarate (va) italy.

check the links below for more informations.

symbiosis orchestra website | peam 2005 | gam gallarate


pirand�lo live @ associazione spaziomusicaricerca

h10-13, h15-17 workshop
h21 live set
location: exm� - cagliari - italy


free videos on

now you can download some pirandelo free videos at

vidauxs website


broken chapters colors

this is a random generated page that reads texts and poetry wrote overall by marita cosma.
please use internet explorer as browser to view it in the proper way, other browsers can't read it.

click here


22/10/2005 21.30.00   
joy fiaba!

joy fiaba gabriele, marita and andrea's daughter was born on 22th october 05. she's great.



22/10/2005    22 -> 30 october 2005
peam 2005 - pescara electronic artists meeting

theme: the new human being positionin'

concerts, performances, netart, software art and hacktivism, installations, exhibitions, improvisations.

check the website for more info.
call for entries until 30 september.

peam 2005 website


omage to raymond scott

here some picture and the live recording of the live andrea made together with luca tanzini and luigi pagliarini in this nice venue in lucera.
it was an homage to the music of raymond scott: the music is made using just samples from his discography.
the projections of the garden was made by luigi pagliarini with one of his artificial life software. luca tanzini played the thereming and projected other nice videos.

photos | mp3


dvd pirand�lo live @ netmage 05

format: dvd-r
artist: pirand�lo
length: 29:50

a very good quality multi camera a/v recording of pirand�lo's live at teatro manzoni in bologna for netmage05 festival in january 2005.

onde scarlatte
in monmouth
impro 1
mentre piove sospiro
impro 2

dvd cover | netmage


august playlist

- mark hamn & fab (mp3s on
- telefon tel aviv "map of what is effortless"
- antony and the jonsons "i'm a bird now"
- microstoria "invisible architecture #3"
- radiohead "where i end and you begin"
- black eyed peas + sergio mendes
- black eyed peas "monkey business"
- post modern bossa
- zoom

- nanni moretti "caro diario"
- nanni moretti "ecce bombo"
- giuseppe tornatore "nuovo cinema paradiso"
- teletubbies "la fiaba"
- hugo rodr�guez "nicotina"


pirand�lo concert at sajeta festival, slovenia


pirand�lo live @ kals'art 2005, palermo

kals'art 2005, rassegna di musica, teatro, cinema, itinerari tra musei e monumenti a palermo.

pirand�lo live 16 luglio @ santerasmo


pirand�lo live @ summer student festival, padova

at 23.15 live at summer student festival, padova. parco fistomba | pdf infosheet


22/05/2005 20.05.30   
the pregnant serie - free release to be continued...

this is a serie of mp3s inspired by the pregnancy of marita and andrea available for free download!

click here


pirand�lo suona - cd

now world wide distributed by hausmusik

sold out

find it from dsp distributors
or baskaru website

format: cd
artist: pirand�lo
label: baskaru (france) + dsp recs (italy)

info | pirand�lo suona & press


june playlist

we've got a cd player on the car..
and these are the favourite june tracks:

- the free design "kites are fun"
- the free design "when love is young"
- burt bacharac "what the world needs now is love"
- madonna "how it feels like for a woman"
- the free design "never tell the world"
- bebel gilberto "baby"
- james warren "everybody's got to learn sometime"
- bebel gilberto "baby"
- tons of brasilian classics...
by andrea



01/04/2005 16.54.02   
info & press reviews

pirandelo was born from the meeting between of andrea gabriele, marita cosma and claudio sinatti, respectively involved into the the music, the images and the videos of this collaboration.

pirand�lo is folder of music, photography, videos and writing; the medium of a journey that start from an organic and tangible astraction to a cinematic and synaesthetic narration.
pirand�lo shows propose a mix-medial performance winding musical genres close to electronica, ambient, idm or pop glitch; while the images and the videos feature is the 'umidity' proper to the film: soft atmospheres, blurred, lighted, wet and dry. synesthesia.

pirand�lo is now running new show with andrea gabriele, marita cosma and marco mazzei from the band ococo!

contact email:
mail [at] pirandelo [dot] org

press reviews html page | press reviews pdf file | press reviews .doc file | infosheet pdf


71 pirand�lo slides

71 pirand�lo's slides taken by riccardo di pasquale.

see the slides


positions 9 to 32 :: positions 6 to 8 by others

collaborative project by french artist pyo with an mp3 contribution by pirand�lo.
check out the links below for more informations.

project website | pyo website


pirand�lo live @ share festival

pirand�lo live at piemonte share festival . palazzo cavour, torino
presented by digicult

info | photos


today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic

installation by claudio sinatti for a\w woman collection presentation for ballantyne cashmere.
live music played by andrea gabriele together with flute (marzia del biondo) and harp.

installazione di claudio sinatti per ballantyne cashmere presentazione donna a/w 2005.
il giardino dello showroom ballantyne cashmere di milano sar� invaso da giovani orsetti che si daranno appuntamento per il loro abituale picnic. si raccomanda agli ospiti di non disturbare gli animali. nel giardino verranno installati 3 videoproiettori ed un monitor al plasma. i videoproiettori saranno puntati verso le mura di confine del lato nord, mentre il plasma verr� installato sul confine est del giardino. le immagini proiettate riprodurranno un paesaggio irreale che dar� l'illusione di essere l'estensione del giardino stesso, come un gigantesco trompe l'oeil animato. nel videopaesaggio si muoveranno furtivi alcuni piccoli mammiferi. vedremo le loro silhouette sbucare da dietro i cespugli, sgattaiolare sugli alberi, sentiremo i loro timidi versi mentre si guarderanno attorno annusando, incuriositi dal pubblico presente.
per far sentire a loro agio gli animali andrea gabriele, accompagnato da un'arpa ed un flauto (marzia del biondo) suoner� muovendosi su piccoli loop giocosi di arpa, melodie fiabesche, suoni naturali. ne risulter� una colonna sonora romantica e rarefatta adatta sia al risveglio che per addormentarsi.
il pubblico sar� immerso in un ambiente ai limiti dell'astrazione i cui elementi visivi e sonori saranno attentamente integrati allla realt�, creando cos� una convincente illusione che lascer� liberi alle emozioni.

video | photos | audio |


avatar orchestra + meg live @ sensoralia

avatar orchestra audio-video performance "odissea remix"
directed by martux_m
made up by marco messina, frame, mass, a.gabriele, lucio luongo, kinotek, claudio sinatti + meg
teatro palladium, rome



59 pirand�lo slides

59 pirand�lo slides
taken during reharsal�

see the slides


download-now (2004)

in the performance download-now (2004), conceived in collaboration with margherita morgantin, held at the italian cultural institute, 11 people wearing felt hoods will move
in the space around the public. each hood has two side protruding cones, like deformed ears, that hide two
speakers that are connected to a cd player hidden in the pocket of the performer. they diffuse sounds,
sentences. it is as if whispered thoughts have escaped by mistake creating stories, riddles and music. the space
becomes dense of acoustic micro-events, which put the viewer at the centre, the words both in italian and
english, are taken from a correspondence between virginia woolf and vita sackville-west, in which the two writers discuss love, daily life and their passion for writing. the recordings for download-now were made by lorenzo bianchi, cletus, paolo lavazza, larsen, manfredi romano, mannypol, marzia migliora +
paolo lavazza, margherita morgantin+alice guareschi, pirandelo and ( r ).


netmage05 dvd

netmage05 dvd.
various artists. including a pirand�lo track.
distributed by risonanza magnetica . | risonanza magnetica .


pirand�lo live @ netmage05

pirand�lo live @ netmage05
teatro manzoni, bologna | photos | video


pirand�lo live @ cube cinema, bristol, uk

pirand�lo live @ cube cinema
uk tour

photos | entire live recordings mp3


pirand�lo live @ the sprawl birthday, london

pirand�lo live @ the sprawl
charterhouse road
uk tour


pirand�lo live @ upgrade & afterlife, cambridge

pirand�lo live @ upgrade & afterlife
uk tour | photos


"la stanza dei colori" on 1000revs

marita cosma photos + interview + mp3 on 1000revs.
a project by

see 1000revs |


andrea gabriele + marita cosma live @ sound in motion

andrea gabriele + marita cosma live @ sound in motion
auditorium vallisa
bari, it



random sentences

in the select box at the right top you randomly read what we write and what people write us from the website.


rtutnye teni

marita cosma photo exhibition on mousik� lab art gallery.

mousik� lab website | visit the exhibition | marita cosma


ffwd mag #2

[magazine + audio cd compilation]
check this link out for more infos, and this link for more infos and a preview of authors involved.
you can order your copy now at risonanza magnetica .
limited edition of 500 copies


pirand�lo live @ spazio lima, milano

audio-photo-video performance
spazio lima, milano
lima uno spazio di studioper e xing | video


sonic scope 04 the portable edition (cd compilation)

a cd compilation comprising projects and sound artists that will perform live at the festival and several others specially invited to this record. co-edition between grain of sound label and the fonoteca municipal de lisboa. special thanks to eric besnard (baskaru records / xstream radio ) for his invaluable help on the co-curating of this compilation.



dsp quartet @ biennale del sud

hubtopia presents dsp quartet (a.gabriele, m. martusciello, mass, terrae) improvisation
sala n.est (18-22) mostra d'oltremare, naples

n.est |


pace (x) romana

a project by with a free downloadable mp3 from pirand�lo titled "pax tutissimus ibis". | mp3



"falena" is a site specific installation by marita cosma and andrea gabriele
presented at:

- peam2004 - museo laboratorio di citt� sant'angelo, pescara, italy
- multicode - galleria a+a, venezia, italy
falena � un rifugio, uno spazio concavo dove sono il presente e il passato
di chi si ferma a suscitare l'emozione. falena � uno schermo discreto in basso a destra che splende di sola luce riflessa, una dia proiettata, una nicchia sospesa dove il colore � il verde del tempo mobile di un video digitale che si fa immobile immagine analogica da comtemplare. la fonte luminosa attraversa la pellicola e si posa sulla superficie bianca di un monolitico rettangolo di plastica in equilibrio sul legno. la luce evidenzia -e nasconde- la falena monocromatica di quest'oggetto ricontestualizzato e immolato: un cd di janek schaefer. una seconda diapositiva, bruciata e appoggiata alla fonte di luce, rievoca cos� la farfalla notturna il cui volo � per natura guidato dal sole e dalla luna e per destino ingannato dalla luce artificiale. quella falena che nell'agosto del 1945 mor� nel calcolatore mark ii intrappolata tra cavi e valvole e registrata poi come primo caso di bug ( un microfono seminascosto nell'igloo rileva i suoni che vi si producono e un software li processa e ripropone ad intervalli casuali nelle strutture sonore di andrea gabriele. l'eco che ne deriva si fa corrispettivo sonoro dell'equilibrio instauratesi tra colori, materiali, suoni, emozioni ed interpretazioni.

peam2004 | | falena on peam website | _multicode


drop your line

the "drop your line" (digital cultural highway bathroom) is an open space where anonymous visitors could�

more info






mail -at- pirandelo . org


+39 392 33 42 969


post post studio

via rigopiano 69

64124 pescara


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